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High end, world class operatives providing a nationwide response delivering quality product through conventional (static, mobile and foot), rural, extreme terrain and technical surveillance tactics and methodology.

Our covert surveillance team comprises a wealth of expertise from experienced operatives with law enforcement, military and civilian backgrounds. All operatives are fully conversant with the Search and Surveillance Act and aware of the strict legal obligations and high standards set within Arch Investigations.

We truly are the market leaders in this specialism, backed up with cutting edge covert assets that will provide clients with detailed and timely reports of the surveillance activity, accompanied with high definition video and still imagery. Our covert surveillance operatives have worldwide law enforcement experience backed up with rural and extreme terrain specialists that provide a product that can’t be beaten in New Zealand.

There is no operation to large, small or improbable for Arch Investigations. Our lead surveillance operative will provide you with an honest appraisal of the task at hand and provide a cost-effective package.


Our investigation team is led by a world renowned investigator with an extensive law enforcement history, gaining successful convictions in over 1500 individual operations.

The team engages in in-depth investigations across a wide range of investigative methodologies. This includes all aspects of investigative work that impact on both the corporate world and private individuals.

The team is both professional and discreet and has the ability to operate in a covert (undercover) as well as overt manner, depending on the investigation to hand and the confidential needs of the client.

Our Principal Investigator will discuss with you your exact needs and requirements and provide you with a thorough appraisal of the investigation to hand. Thereafter you will receive timely and detailed updates culminating in a structured and comprehensive report of the findings to the highest evidential standard.


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Other Services

The team within Arch Investigations has knowledgeable investigators that have experience across a wide range of services. Detailed below is a list of services where Arch Investigations can provide high quality product and results:

  • Document Service
  • Pre-employment vetting
  • Infidelity advice and investigations
  • Interview and Statement taking
  • Trademark and Intellectual Property investigations